Dirty Zayn Imagine- 

You were One Directions stylist, so you were like 24/7 with them; they were like family to you. You seemed to love all the boys alot, expect of Zayn, you hated how he was so full of himself. How he thought he was so confident about his looks. You and Zayn always had this funny sexual tension between eachother, as much as you hated him, you were always attracted to him physically, and Zayn was quite aware of that.

"Hey [Y/N], can you fetch me some beer?" Harry asked you, out of all the boys, you were closest to Harry. 

You got up from your chair, reaching into the fridge and taking out a beer bottle, Harry being a flirt, whistled as you bend down,

"Nice ass [Y/N" Harry joked, handing him the beer, you sat back on your chair which was right infront of Zayns.

"Thanks Styles." You said, so full of yourself, Harry just simply winked. 

Conversations like these with Harry were normal, for a daily basis, but Zayn, never had you ever heard a compliment from his mouth. The only comment he would pass about you would be if you two got into a argument over a very silly thimg, which was a daily thing.

Zayn was more of a stubborn person, so you decided that to get his attention, you had t do something on your own.

As the days passed, you started wearing more and more reaviling clothes, your shorts became more short, your shirts became more see-through.

One day, when you were in your room, you heard a knock on your door, 

"Come on in.." You said, collenting all your designs together, which were recently scattered by the boys so they could decide what to wear on their next show.

It was Harry. 

"Enough work for today, babe." Harry said, as he took your hand and pulled you away from the table, his arm instantly resting on your shoulder. 

Harry took you out from your small cabin, into a big room, where all the boys were sitting, including Zayn. 

The more revealing clothes, really didn’t bother Zayn, but got other boys noticing me. Harry and you walked in, Harry hands dangerously close to your chest. 

Soon both of you settled on the sofa, Harry again, extremly close to you. “Were all going to nandos.. [Y/N], wanna join in?” Niall asked you sweetly.

"Nah, I think I’m going to stay home.." You said, looking at Zayn, who was looking straight back.

"Boys, I’m really not feeling well, I’m going to stay home too." Zayn said, breaking eye contact from you. 

"Oh well, but please don’t end up punching and biting eachother? Okay?" Louis joked, mainly because you and Zayn would fight over the stupidest things ever. "Very funny Lou." Zayn said, with a sarcastic laugh, oh Gosh, his laugh!

"I’ll drop boys outside." Zayn said, as he simply walked out.

You sat there, wondering if Zayn had noticed, noitced that you had been trying to get his attention? You started to play with possibly anything you got.

Zayn walked back inside, and sat on the same chair he was sitting on before.

"[Y/N].." Zayn said, it was more like a low seductive tone.

"Yeah?" You asked Zayn, his sexiness almost hard to handle.

"I dislike, how you turn me on so much.." Zayn said, those words came out of Zayn mouth and he stood up from his chair and walked up to you. "And I think you need to be punished for turning me on so much." Zayn moaned in your ear.

You noticed the growing bulge in his tracks, Zayn held you hard from the waist and picked you up, and led you upstairs to his room.

As you two got to the room, Zayn crashed his lips into yours, his tongue instantly slipping into your mouth and tasting each inch of it.  Zayn threw you on the bed and climbed over you, “You wanna know what your punishment is?” Zayn asked, in a low voice, licking your earlobe. 

You only let out a shaky moan, Zayn getting your answer, he slid your jeans down and then your underwear, before taking of his tracks and boxers as well. You sat up, and palmed his hard length, he simply moaned telling you it felt good.

Zayn pushed you back, taking off your shirt and throwing your bra across the room. He stuck two of his long fingers into you.”Well, babe, who made you this wet?”  Zayn asked you.   “You did, of course.” You said, kissing his jawline.   “That’s my girl.” Zayn said as he got his fingers out and licked off all your juices, then without a warning, he slid his length inside you of and didn’t even give you time to adjust his size, but started thrusting hard and fast.

"Who’s making you feel this good baby? Scream my name!" Zayn said, as he thrusted himself in and out. "ZAYN, AW, Faster!" You screamed, not caring if you would disturb the neighbours, you ran your hair through Zayn hair, crashing his lips into yours. You felt yourself cum, as Zayn thrusts faster and faster. "ZAAAAAYYYNN." You screamed, and after just a while, you heard Zayn moan, as he shot his cum into you. 

Panting, you both were lying in bed, you wanted your first time with Zayn to be more interesting… 

"You know, I’m not the only one who should be punished." You said, and your hand went down his abs and stopped at his V line. "And why is that?" Zayn asked, more like moaned.

"Well, its just a small matter of you just fucking me like that, when you don’t even know if that spot in my life has already been taken?" You winked, you knew it would annoy Zayn.

"Lets get one thing straight, I’m the only one who is allowed to make you scream. And I’m the only one who is allowed to fuck you like that." Zayn purred into your ear, you hand still on his V  line. 

"Then tell me, I’m the only one allowed to fuck you." You spoke, right into his ear, as your hand went further down, and you massaged his length, once again. "Say it." You said again. 

"Say it, and I’ll give you whatever you want, whenever you want, where ever you want."  And you knew he wouldn’t be able to resist this offer. 

You started to pump his lenght, faster and faster.”Say it, Zayn. You know you want to.” You purred into his ear, still pumping his lenght.

"Oh fuck, fine!" Zayn moaned.   "Wait, what’s that?" You teased him.

"Fine, you’re the only one who can fuck me!" He moaned again. "Good." 

Zayn took hold of you hand on his lenght and kissed it, then his hand trailed down your stomach till he reached your again wet pussy.

"Now, give me what I want, give it to me like you want to, give it to me like you’ll never give it to me again." Zayn hissed into your ear.

And you knew he was ready for round two.

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